Thursday, June 7, 2012

Origami with the Amani Art Club, Kawangware

We took a trip to the Amani Art Club (brother school to Precious Blood) in Kawangware to hang out with some new friends this month.

We started out with some ice breaker introduction games to get to know each other:

Then we did some origami:

The kids worked really well in small groups helping each other out:


Alice checks on Sydney:

We all finished our beautiful and colourful origami cranes:

Then had some sandwiches, apples and juice:

Of course where there are apples, there is juggling!

The Amani group with prizes for the best origami folder and students with the best exam results:

A big thank you to Angela and Leo, volunteer organizers of the Art Club at Amani for hosting us and introducing us to our new friends!

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