Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Cards Art Day - City Park

After running into some trouble with the Narobi City Council for the Partnership for Change T-Shirts we were wearing, we finally managed to make some beautiful Christmas cards at the City Park in Nairobi - Thanks to the random act of kindness from Elias and his lovely wife.

After the creative afternoon in the sun, we headed out for a picnic at Aga Khan Junior Academy. Thanks again to Jyoti for sponsoring the afternoon.

The little revolutionaries of Maisha ni Matamu:

If these children can understand our constitution, our leaders should be able to too!
Join us in the fight for:
Implementation of the Waki Report - End to Impunity
No Taxes for MP's, No Taxes for Ordinary Kenyans
Reduced taxes on: Food, Electricity and Kerosene

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Every rose has a thorn - Naivasha

This week, the wonderful Mahmud Abdulla of Lake Flowers in Naivasha treated us to a tour of his greenhouses. The gorgeous roses they grow at Lake Flowers are sent all over the world.

Our tourguide Yobes gathers the troops and sets some stern ground rules before we begin:

We see how roses are cut:

And grafted:

Yobes tells us lots of interesting things about the right temperature, humidity levels and even the reasons why every rose has a thorn.

Cheeky little Joy on Alice's back:

We see 5 of the greenhouses

On our way out, we see these 3 workers carrying the cut roses to the grading room:

In the grading room, flowers are categorized by height and packed in bunches of 20:

Then put into the cooler:

We leave with this beautiful bouquet of roses:

Thank you Mahmud, Yobes and everyone at Lake Flowers for this funucational Sunday.

And a special thank you to Bernard Muinde for driving the kids to Naivasha. We hope you and your kids enjoyed hanging out with us for the day!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Blankets and Wine (Juice) Concert

This week, we went to the second Blankets & Wine© music festival at Tayiana Stables, near the Windsor Golf & Country Club. Blankets & Wine© is a picnic style Afro based music festival designed to showcase outstanding musicians creating the emerging genres of Afro fusion music.

Maureen and Mungai:

Ham sandwiches and juice, not wine!

Naomi, Melody and Yvonne:

Karanja and Levin:

Muthoni (right) is one of the most talented singers, songwriters, poet and performer to hit the East African music scene. Using a blend of rhythms, Muthoni's music is a collection of conscious messages informed by the urban African experience. Her running commentary on Afro- politics, Love, Relationships and New Spirituality, delivered in song and a type of spoken poetry called "Floems" is entertaining and awakening.

Other performers included Valerie Kimani: the stunning, fresh new face of world music, her debut album 'Baisikeli' reflects her jazzy influences while its maturity is reminiscent of Cesaria Evora with a youthful energy; and Hellon: East Africa's premier Jazz recording saxophonist.

Thank you to Shane Solanki for sponsoring Kshs 3,000/- for festival entrance costs and also to the angellic Muthoni Ndonga for comping the rest.