Sunday, September 28, 2008

Splash Water Slides

Thanks again to Mr. Kuldeep Nayer of Splash Water Slides (near the Carnivore restaurant) for this amazing treat on a hot Sunday!

Melody's horrible teacher shaved all her hair off at school for not having it braided. She's still gorgeous:

Poor Joy is always so afraid of the water at first:

Karanja and Fredrick:

Melody and Naomi:

Ken, Mungai and Elington:

Sydney and Naomi:

Naomi and Joy

Naomi, Alice, Joy, Melody and me:

On our way home, we stopped at the Wilson Airport to watch some small planes landing and taking off. The kids love watching planes, but had never been this close before. I promised to take them up in the sky one day.

Some pilots who had just landed were kind enough to humour the kids by posing for a picture with them. As you can see, the kids were over the moon:

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Art Day

Chets and Sona's Art Fund has given the kids the chance to make art and crafts every month. This week, we worked on the beautiful grounds of Hillcrest Secondary School - thanks again to Chris Drew!

Mike and Mungai:

Those pesky group shots...

Mungai leads the pack through the Hillcrest hallways back to the van:

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Bowling at the Village Market

Thank to Dixon Karani, a business associate and very good friend of mine for sponsoring this fun day at the Village Market Bowling Alley. Today, there were 20 of us in all and we all had a terrific time!

Sorry for the poor picture quality - poor lighting and moving objects are too much for my little camera phone to handle. I'm looking into buying a good camera soon.

That red and white blur is Gitau moving at the speed of light:

Karanja getting ready:

Sylvester is big on dramatic finishing:


Mungai stopped using the baby tracks after a few turns:

The ever elusive group shots:

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Rift Valley

This week, we went to the Rift Valley to see the view and have a picnic. On the way, we stopped to see and play some football.

Sydney and Melody being as silly as ever:

Naomi couldn't resist but to join the fun!

The boys playing with their makeshift football. We forgot ours at home.

Karanja watches as Fred and "Bongey" go at it:

This was the professional team warming up before their game:

There was another game on too:

The girls:

Alice and baby joy:

The hat just isn't glamorous enough!