Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas in Karura

This Christmas, I was invited to grandma's house. Cucu (Kikuyu for "grandmother" and pronounced sho-sho) is a woman in her 60's. She has raised 5 amazing children and has over 20 grandchildren who she loves and watches over like a hawk:
Our international real estate celebrity, Ken Marine joined us for some Christmas cheer. Here he is with Joy and Maureen:

I guess they didn't teach arm extension, aim and shoot camera skills at real-estate school!

Little Maina:

Maureen and Joy getting silly:

Joy (and Maureen) the divas make Karanja giggle!
I love these girls like cray-zee! Melody, Joy and Maureen:
Melody jumping in on a photo-op
Sing-song time!

Cake time - thanks to the beautiful angel Ashini Patel for helping with the baking and icing!
Ken and Cucu:

And just before we left, we found this little chic paradise up above the cow shed!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, world! And remember, it's easy to teach fire prevention under water.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

It's Always Sunny in Nairobi - Splash!

We were going to spend our Jamhuri (independence) Day weekend commemorating our nation and woking on some good patriotic songs, but decided instead it was too beautiful and sunny a day to spend away from a nice cold pool!

So after a last minute call Mr. Kuldeep Awesome Nayer, 15 of us made our way to Splash!, the water slides next door to Carnivore on Langata Road.

Thank you so much Mr. Kuldeep, you are always so generous to us - rock on!

Little Joy on our way there:

Sydney, Naomi and Wangari on their way up to the big slide:

And here they come, led by Wangari:

Mungai after his big landing:

Boro pointing something out to Melody:

Maureen, Joy, Sydney and Melody:

Alice and Joy:

The girls:

Maureen, Mungai and Joy soaking up the sun:

Sylvester, Karanja and Eric:

Melody being photo bombed!

The boys playing ball:

Mungai, Eric, Boro, Gitau, Karanja and Sylvester all being camera shy:

The impossible group shots:

Chips, chicken and Soda at Caprice Frys (previously Mac Frys) in Westlands to end the beautiful day:

Happy Jamhuri Day, Kenyans!