Sunday, October 26, 2008

Art Day and Church Concert

For Halloween, we worked on some crafty masks. We then went to the Parklands Baptist Church for a concert hosted by the United Church of Gujarat. The kids had a long, but enjoyable day.

It was dark by the time we had all finished making our masks:
Eric and Melody:

Eric, Karanja and Ken:

The church had put up some beautiful, big tents outside where the concert was held. My friend Paul Murage told me about this concert, and I knew the children would have a great time.

Levi dancing to the Gujarati gospels:

Alice and Joy:

The train:

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Nairobi National Park

This week, we went to the Nairobi National Park. We have visited the animal orphanage before, but never took a a drive inside the Park itself. Despite the rain, the children had a great time spotting and naming all the animals we saw.

As soon as you drive into the park, you are greeted by these obnoxious baboons:

Chomping on Acacia:

There are two female ostriches here if you look carefully:

Gitau, Karanja and sleepy Mungai:

I swear there's a herd a buffalo in this picture:

And a giraffe in this one...

The kids were very quiet as we saw a pride of 6 lionesses walk right by us to surround a herd of zebra.

Then it began to rain and the herd of zebras caught on that the throng of 4-Wheel Drives that had gathered weren't hanging around to see them eat grass!

Mungai, king of the shot-gun crying fits:

Heading back home after a long day in the rain:

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Bomas of Kenya

This week, we visited the Bomas of Kenya for an amazing dance show that is put on everyday.

These cultural fetes are intended to yield cultural ambassadors from virtually all the 42 tribes in the country who promote Kenya’s vast culture and showcase a rich array of artistic talent.

The acrobats were by far the most popular with the kids:

Gitau, Levi, Mungai and Karanja:

After the show, the children put on a show of their own!

Ham sandwiches, crisps and juice before we headed home:

Thanks to Mr Berry of Mzuri Sweets for donating these delicious Mr Berry Whistle lollipops. He sent us so many, that we have more than enough to last us another year or two!