Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sarit Center - Arcade

Thanks to Jyoti Mukherjee for contributing to this fun Sunday at the Arcade!
Sorry the pictures tend to be blurry in poor lighting.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Paradise Lost

Thanks to Tobias Mugiira of Paradise Lost for subsidizing the entrance costs and offering complementary boat, horse and camel rides!

Captain Karanja sets sail:

After the boat rides, we had burgers, fries, juice and cake for lunch.

Fred and Johnny:

Naomi, Sydney, Mungai and Melody:

Karanja and Fred:

Karanja, Mungai, Gitau and Karanja

Sylvester, Fred and Johnny play some football while they wait their turn:

Fred, Sylvester, Johnny and Ken:

Karanja, Mungai and Me:

Ken and Fred:

Little Joy was too afraid to ride on the boat, horse or camels.
After all, this was her very first outing without mum.

Melody, Karanja and Mungai:

Brother and sister, Karanja and Sydney:

Gitau and Fred:

Brother and sister, Sylvester and Naomi:

Fred and the Canon lady:

Paradise Lost is a beautiful picnic spot with lots to see and do on the way to Kiambu, past Windsor Golf and Country Club.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Giraffe Center

Dave McCallum and Kirstie Smith sponsored Sunday's trip to the Giraffe Center. Kirstie and Dave are touring Africa on their way back home to Canada. They had been teaching in Hong Kong for 3 years.

We picked them up at their campsite in Kileleshwa and took them to the Giraffe Center

Ham sandwiches for lunch:

Made a short stop at the Village Market:

Headed over to Alice's house:

Dave and Mungai:

Had a cup of Kenyan coffee with Alice and family in Gachie before taking them back to their campsite.

Thank you so much Kirstie and Dave for your kindness.
The kids had a lovely day and especially enjoyed touching the hair on Dave's legs!

If you are visiting Nairobi and would like to sponsor a Sunday out with the kids, please get in touch either via email: amkakenya[AT]gmail[DOT]com or phone: +254 726 67 39 31

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

World Literacy Day

For World Literacy Day last year, we collected over a thousand books from the generous residents of New Muthaiga, Nairobi. These books were distributed to children in Machakos and Kisaju. We have already started collecting for this year's book drive, so call 0726 67 39 31 to get your donations in.

SS Secondary School, Kisaju (8th September)

Kithangaini Primary and Secondary Schools, Machakos (15th September):

Please be a part of this year's literacy campaign and donate as many books for children/young adults as you can.
Think of this not only as an opportunity to clean out your cupboards, but also to give the gift of joy and magic to a child.
Contact us at amkakenya[AT]gmail[DOT]com or +254 (0)726 67 39 31