Saturday, November 13, 2010

SAMOSA Kids - Mombasa

November took SAMOSA Kids to Mombasa - a phenomenal event hosted by Aga Khan Academy, Mombasa (AKAM). AKAM is one of the 16 global centres of excellence and is a stunning school where the children clearly embraced all forms of education.

The Rangoli workshop was led by Suraj Shah who is an inspiringly beautiful person.
Just have a look at what he inspired the kids to do:

The yoga workshop was led by yours truly.
I tried to channel the graceful Fazilah Bazari all day!
Music and dance workshops were led by the energetic and enigmatic SAMOSA Band and Sarakasi Dancers:

A big thank you to George Killein and the management, staff and faculty of AKAM for hosting us; the workshop leaders as always; and a special thank you to Karim Kara of Megapixels Productions for the great pictures!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Lunar Park

Because we were a little late for the Storymoja Hay Festival, we ended up next door, at Lunar Park, the amusement park.

Mungai - king of the bouncing castle
...but Naomi and Melody soon brought his kingdom down
I love it when Alice gets the chance to stop worrying about the kids and have some fun herself:
Gitau and Karanja whizz past...

Sydney, Naomi, Melody and Mungai:
Joy and Alice:

PS: If ever you're in the market for a jamping caso or a tlamoline (thanks Rivs!)...

Sunday, September 26, 2010


The SAMOSA Festival 2010 event was held at Brookhouse School, Karen on 21st and 22nd November. Children from Mogra Star Academy, Mathare and from the Albinism Foundation of East Africa gathered to learn various cultural activities.

Yoga Toto's led by Fazilah Bazari:

Rangoli led by Usha Shah:

Fusion Dance led by Tribhangi:

Kendama led by Mr. Imada:

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Kids Festival - Carnivore

August ended with the Kids Festival at the Carnivore grounds in Langata. There was SO much to do there, the kids were almost overwhelmed!

Other than the kooky characters...

There were a lot of educational activities for the kids.
There was also a great band
Standing for the National Anthem

Mungai didn't give up with this wall...
He made it to the top on his 6th attempt!
A big thank you to Azham who came along with us and bought chips and soda after the festival:

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Nairobi Railway Museum

This month, Mr. Partho Chakrabarti sponsored a trip with lunch to the Nairobi Railway Museum. The kids just couldn't get enough of this beautiful little museum hidden in Nairobi's CBD.

There was a significan portion of the museum dedicated to Ships for some reason...
Mungai and Melody spin away
This very unusual bench was fitted to the locomotive footplate above the cowcatcher to allow distinguished travelers on the lunatic line an unsurpassed view of East Africa's scenery and wildlife. Among such visitors were the former American President Theodore Roosevelt, the Prince of Wales, Melody, Joy, Sydney and Mungai!
The kids were a little more interested in these ancient typewriters than anything else in the museum!
Kennedy has a go:

One of them typed this message:
Was it little Mungai? Probably not...he wasn't strong enough to hammer out his own name, let alone a whole sentence - look at his tiny little fingers!
Edwin spoke to the kids about the history of railway - how local chiefs in Tsavo had long ago prophesized that a great iron snake would invade their land; and how Colonel James Patterson, an Engineer working on the Tsavo bridge killed the infamous man eaters of Tsavo.
Levi pops his head out of one of the old trains they have in the yard:
Melody helps joy down:

Sidney sees how many passengers he can "beba!
Mungai the little monkey:
Don't worry, the trains weren't moving!
This is coach from which Superintendent Charles Ryall was killed by a man eating lion in 1900. Now it is being hopped around on by Mungai and Sylvester:

After the museum, we ate some pizzaaaaaa :-)
On the way home, we sang (screamed at the TOP of their lungs) along to Shakira's "This Time for Africa" for the millionth time:

That was a suberb Sunday! Thanks again to Mr. Partho for your kindness :-)