Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Kinanda, Colouring & Hailstorms

This month's outing was a bit of a disaster. We went to the Kinanda Arts Festival, a monthly extravaganza of music, poetry, visual art, creative writing, spoken word, film and street art. This is usually held on the last Sunday Afternoon, every month. Within minutes of getting there, settling into a nice grassy spot and enjoying the first musical performance, the heavens opened up and it began to pour! Everyone gathered under the few tents that were out and huddled together for about an hour or two. When the rain eased up a little bit, we made a dash for the van and headed home.

The kids were really looking forward to Jason Sibi-Okumu's performance. They were equally thrilled, however with tiny ice cubes falling from the sky!

While we waited, we managed to do a bit of colouring. Unfortunately, I didn't manage to take many pictures:

Mungai, Naomi and Joy:
Karanja (best viewed with your head tilted to the right):
Alice helping Melody:
Sylvester and Gitau:
A big thank you to Ken Miller of Oracle University, Ireland for the colouring books and supplies. The children do not have art classes at school, so whenever they get a chance to unleash their artistic brilliance, it is a real treat for them.