Sunday, February 8, 2009

Uhuru Park Book Reading

Uhuru Park was buzzing when we got there. There were preachers, musicians, families, horses, boats and an endless supply of vendors trying to entice the kids into buying balloons and toys.

We were so lucky to have Philo Ikonya with us. She is the author of the children's book "The Boy Who Became President of America."

Before she arrived, we begun our picnic with ham sandwiches, crisps and juice:

Maisha ni Matamu purchased a copy of Philo's book for each of the children:

Although all the children knew of Barack Obama, they were inspired and amazed by the stories about him and his family.

Philo and her protege, Rene (left) began reading:

All the children had a turn:

After the reading, they all had their books signed by the author:

A big thank you to Philo and Rene for their time and kind words.

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