Sunday, December 7, 2008

Blankets and Wine (Juice) Concert

This week, we went to the second Blankets & Wine© music festival at Tayiana Stables, near the Windsor Golf & Country Club. Blankets & Wine© is a picnic style Afro based music festival designed to showcase outstanding musicians creating the emerging genres of Afro fusion music.

Maureen and Mungai:

Ham sandwiches and juice, not wine!

Naomi, Melody and Yvonne:

Karanja and Levin:

Muthoni (right) is one of the most talented singers, songwriters, poet and performer to hit the East African music scene. Using a blend of rhythms, Muthoni's music is a collection of conscious messages informed by the urban African experience. Her running commentary on Afro- politics, Love, Relationships and New Spirituality, delivered in song and a type of spoken poetry called "Floems" is entertaining and awakening.

Other performers included Valerie Kimani: the stunning, fresh new face of world music, her debut album 'Baisikeli' reflects her jazzy influences while its maturity is reminiscent of Cesaria Evora with a youthful energy; and Hellon: East Africa's premier Jazz recording saxophonist.

Thank you to Shane Solanki for sponsoring Kshs 3,000/- for festival entrance costs and also to the angellic Muthoni Ndonga for comping the rest.

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