Sunday, November 9, 2008

Nyumba ya Wazee

This week we visited the "Little Sister's of the Poor - Nyumba ya Wazee." This is a home for the elderly located off Thika Road opposite Kasarani/Moi International Stadium. Mother Helen (an Irish missionary) and all the sisters at the home have devoted their lives to giving about 100 elderly people peace, comfort and happiness in their dotage.

We took a rose for all the old folks. We also gave them a day full of joy, smiles and excitement.

Little Joy:

Melody and Naomi getting some help on their puzzle:

Karanja didn't get any help, but I think she enjoyed just having him there while she drank her tea:

Maureen, Gitau, Karanja and Eric had a little difficulty with this puzzle:
But everyone chipped in to finish it:

We did a little sing-song for them:

This old lady still had all the moves:
Not everyone was as energetic.
All the excitement was obviously too much for this old man:


Anonymous said...

You are taking care of all the tribes or only

Anonymous said...

I learn t about you from a friend and followed you on the internet. It's a good work you are doing and no doubt blessings will always shower upon you. All the best & God bless you.

J.Karuri (Our Lady of the Holy Rosary Kamwangi Parish)

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know how i can get in touch with Nyumba ya wazee please?