Sunday, September 28, 2008

Splash Water Slides

Thanks again to Mr. Kuldeep Nayer of Splash Water Slides (near the Carnivore restaurant) for this amazing treat on a hot Sunday!

Melody's horrible teacher shaved all her hair off at school for not having it braided. She's still gorgeous:

Poor Joy is always so afraid of the water at first:

Karanja and Fredrick:

Melody and Naomi:

Ken, Mungai and Elington:

Sydney and Naomi:

Naomi and Joy

Naomi, Alice, Joy, Melody and me:

On our way home, we stopped at the Wilson Airport to watch some small planes landing and taking off. The kids love watching planes, but had never been this close before. I promised to take them up in the sky one day.

Some pilots who had just landed were kind enough to humour the kids by posing for a picture with them. As you can see, the kids were over the moon:

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