Sunday, August 17, 2008

Thika Falls and Bread Factory

We started out at the animal orphanage at Blue Posts Hotel, Thika

Karanja & Mungai:


The Porcupine family:

The little monkey who tried for ages to get into our picnic basket:

The boys:

The girls (and Mungai)

Group shots are impossible with this lot!

I think you can just about see Thika falls in the background:

Chania falls:

Dancing in front of the live band:

Thanks to Niraj for organizing a tour of the Kenblest Bread Factory in Thika

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motakaka1 said...

Was very ,very glad to see the old FALLS and the bridge still as i remember.Also, the bakery brought back some memoryies of "yesterdays".The old 'Chania bakery'.I used to go with my dad, early in the morning and that 'smell' of FRESH bread.Old memories.One day I will come back.
Arvind Joshi.(Ghugha)