Sunday, July 20, 2008

Paradise Lost

Thanks to Tobias Mugiira of Paradise Lost for subsidizing the entrance costs and offering complementary boat, horse and camel rides!

Captain Karanja sets sail:

After the boat rides, we had burgers, fries, juice and cake for lunch.

Fred and Johnny:

Naomi, Sydney, Mungai and Melody:

Karanja and Fred:

Karanja, Mungai, Gitau and Karanja

Sylvester, Fred and Johnny play some football while they wait their turn:

Fred, Sylvester, Johnny and Ken:

Karanja, Mungai and Me:

Ken and Fred:

Little Joy was too afraid to ride on the boat, horse or camels.
After all, this was her very first outing without mum.

Melody, Karanja and Mungai:

Brother and sister, Karanja and Sydney:

Gitau and Fred:

Brother and sister, Sylvester and Naomi:

Fred and the Canon lady:

Paradise Lost is a beautiful picnic spot with lots to see and do on the way to Kiambu, past Windsor Golf and Country Club.

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